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"I have had many great coaches and mentors in my life. The one that comes to mind is my past teacher at Westmark, Mr. Watkinson. Mr Watkinson believed in me and helped me understand that having ADHD and other learning differences did not mean that I was not capable of being a good student. Without him I would not have been prepared and have been able to push myself to be successful at Wesley. Mr. Watkinson had a love and passion for learning and that has made me want to be a better student. One of the things that I appreciated about him was that he always pushed me more than any other teacher because he knew I had the ability to work hard and never give up. He held me accountable to high standards and I learned how to work hard and learn deeper, digging beneath the surface. These are lessons that I am sure I will carry with me throughout my life."

-Miles S., former student


“There is a quote by Yoda, 'Do or do not, there is no try, there is only do.' No teacher embodied this idea more than Mr. Watkinson, or as I like to call him, Mr. Awesome Man. In fifth grade, when Mr. Watkinson was my teacher, I always struggled in math and he helped me to become really good at math. Mr. Watkinson made me feel comfortable in asking for help. This will help me to better understand anything, because I will not be afraid to ask questions.

Mr. Watkinson also gave me knowledge about the world. Without Mr. Watkinson, I would not know how to do multiplication. Without him, I would not know anything about the Age of Exploration. His high expectations for me pushed me to succeed in his class. Mr. Watkinson gave me tough homework and tough class work. Without tough work, I would not have been able to accomplish as much as I have. My perception of the world around me would be different. Mr. Watkinson helped prepare me for the real world and helped me become who I am today.

I will use what Mr. Watkinson brought to my life in my future. He taught me to use my imagination and problem-solving skills. Mr. Watkinson taught me that my imagination will help me with any problems that may come my way. In my life, I will be more successful because I had Mr. Watkinson as a teacher.”


-Declan R., former student



"I was a student of Craig Watkinson in my 5th grade year. He was an amazing teacher to have, definitely a top favorite. He was always committed to doing his absolute best in the classroom, keeping everyone on track, while also maintaining a wonderful sense of humor to make learning as engaging as possible. I thrived as a student of Craig.

I also worked with him one on one throughout that year, which I imagine is his primary focus as a tutor. I struggled especially with math, and during my individual time with him, I understood all the material with ease. He simply has an amazing way of engaging students and encouraging them to find passion in their work while maintaining a disciplined environment. I highly recommend Craig Watkinson to anyone who needs extra help understanding any sort of material."

-Alex H., former student


"We worked with Craig Watkinson for 8 years and had the best possible experience.  Our son needed remediation in all subjects and he was there for him from 5th grade until he graduated high school.  His ability to establish trust with our son, to understand and support his learning style, to successfully interface with the school was of superior quality. All that and he was a pleasure to work with for us as well.  Couldn't recommend Watkinson Tutoring highly enough."


-Robbie T., parent of former student


"We've been working with Craig Watkinson of Watkinson Tutoring for almost 5 years. Craig is an outstanding tutor--my kids have worked with him specifically in math and ISEE/standardized test prep, which includes language arts and essay writing.

Craig strikes the perfect balance when working with young people. He is friendly, warm, professional and patient. With parents, Craig is communicative--he lets you know what your children's academic strengths and areas of need are and he establishes a solid plan to help fortify their areas of need.

Craig is capable working with all types of learners. My younger son is both dyslexic and ADHD and Craig has found compelling ways to keep him focused and growing academically over the years.

I highly recommend Craig Watkinson and Watkinson Tutoring!"

-Lesley H, parent of current student



"Over the past year, Watkinson Tutoring has successfully helped my 12 year old son improve his grades and feel more confident with his school work.

Craig is very knowledgeable, professional, patient and kind. He makes learning and studying fun for my 12 year old son. Craig has not only shown my son tips for studying and tricks for remembering grammar and math problems, but also has retaught him some of the lessons he did not grasp in school. Craig will work on a topic until my son understands.

This fall my son entered 6th Grade at a private school in the valley. We were referred to Craig a year ago after my son had neuropsychological testing to determine why he was not performing to his ability in school. My son does not have any learning disabilities but has slight working memory issues. Craig came highly recommended to us a year ago, by a well known child psychologist. We are so lucky to have found Craig and I would recommend him to anyone!"

-Natalie L., parent of current student


"Awesome Tutor!!! Craig taught my granddaughter the math she needed to learn in a way that she was able to grasp and understand rapidly.  He made it simple and enjoyable for her and now she feels confident in completing her math assignments, which is a big difference on how she felt about math before.  She hated math, yet she was good at it when she applied herself. But, when she got to a certain section in 7th grade math, she lost hope in her abilities and got so behind in math and just didn't want to do it anymore.  Within one session with Craig, she totally grasped the concept of her assignments and in the sessions that followed, Craig was able to help bring her get up to date with her math teaching plan/schedule.  She enjoys her math tutoring sessions so much that she now shares what she's learning with me.  She loves math now!!!  Craig's the best!!!"

-Joy R., grandparent of current student



"We were referred to Watkinson Tutoring by a friend who simply said 'Craig is amazing and he has completely changed our lives.  My 13 year old son is now thriving thanks to Craig.'  We met with Craig for our 15 year old and within a few weeks we are seeing a new level of confidence, a fresh desire to succeed and going to Craig is his priority.  Craig has a unique way of connecting to the student with this wealth of knowledge and professionalism and is an excellent mentor for our son.  We are so grateful for the magic Craig has inspired in him."

-Michelle K., parent of former student


"I came to Yelp in search of a tutor my 11 yr old daughter who is taking the the ISEE test soon. After several call backs from different Tutoring Companies, I knew Craig was the best choice. He took the time to explain what we can expect on testing day and he also asked questions about my child to know the best way to work with her. My daughter is shy and is easily intimidated by teachers. On her first visit with Craig she told me that she learned more from one session with Craig than a whole month in school! Craig is very patient with her and finds different ways to explains things to her when he sees she's not getting it. I don't think I could have found a better tutor for my child!"


-Araceli A., parent of former student




"Craig is great! My daughter is very shy by nature, has a strong dislike for math and is afraid of getting answers wrong. Craig is patient and kind and explains information in a way she can relate to. He helps her to come to the conclusion and not be afraid to say the answer she came to. He really makes math interesting for her. I have seen her confidence improving and her interest in math increasing over the last few weeks that Craig's been working with her. I'm looking forward to seeing her continued growth in knowledge and confidence. Thanks Craig!"

-Robin W., parent of former student


"We starting working with Craig for ISEE testing prep. After 4 months of tutoring, we had a huge increase in test scores, 3 number increase in Math and English. Craig is very patient and kind while tutoring our son. We highly recommend Craig, in fact even though we have finished the ISEE testing, we are continuing to work with him."

-Justin B., parent of current student


"Fantastic. You've helped my son so much— thank you! I love eavesdropping on your sessions because I learn so many tips! (Hired Watkinson Tutoring for reading/spelling, now going back for math.)"

-Vance W., parent of former student



"I highly recommend Watkinson tutoring! Craig is a fantastic tutor who is kind, knowledgeable, patient, and most of all dedicated to the students he works with. He takes a personal interest in their successful learning experience and has a skillful art of teaching that can fit any learning style.  Definitely 5 stars!"

-Jill L., parent of former student


"Craig has been working with our son for the last few months and it's been wonderful.  He supports him in all of his 7th grade classes as well as working with him to improve his reading and writing skills due to some learning differences with sessions at school.  He has established a strong bond with our son who feels comfortable reaching out to him with questions  as well as with the school.  He is both supportive and inspiring as a tutor and I we feel very very lucky."


-Natalie K., parent of former student




"A thoughtful, knowledgable and caring tutor.  Craig Watkinson is that rare combination of experience, thoughtful and gifted with kids.  Our children have really benefited from his work with them."

-Bernard F., parent of current student




"As we hope you know, we think you are the greatest! Ben has an amazing relationship with you, which we fully intend on continuing until Ben graduates law school. ...Ben adores and has thrived with you."

-Jennifer L., parent of former student 



"My son had a wonderful year in your history class. He loved the subject matter and learned a lot. I was proud of his successes in your class and I know he was too. I truly believe his quick and easy adjustment to school had a lot to do with his love for your class right out of the gate!"

-Kathryn S., parent of former student



"Your energy and passion is rare in teachers. In fact kids learn more, and do better, from those teachers they actually have relationships with and like. I often wonder why sometimes it’s not that simple."

-Michael R., parent of former student


"I think you are a gifted teacher, and felt really lucky this last year when you traveled with the grade."

-Molly L., parent of former student


"He really enjoyed your class this year; it was great to see him so inspired by history.   I know he will miss you."

-Patricia L, parent of former student


"Children are engaged and thinking when you are working with them."

-Julie R., professional educator

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