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  • What subjects does Mr. Watkinson teach?
    Basically, all of them! He began his career as an elementary school teacher, working in the 5th grade. He then specialized in middle school social studies for a time. By now, he has taught nearly every subject’s curriculum at every grade level, from kindergarten phonics and grade school math to high school biology and economics… and everything in between!
  • Can Mr. Watkinson come to my home?
    That depends. Mr. Watkinson teaches most students out of his home office in Van Nuys. However, he absolutely tries to work with students off-site when schedule permits.
  • Does it cost extra to have the tutoring done in my home?
    If round trip travel time exceeds 30 minutes, Mr. Watkinson reserves the right to charge an additional $35 travel fee.
  • How far does Mr. Watkinson travel for tutoring?
    Generally, he tends to work with students who live within a 5-mile radius of his Van Nuys location.
  • Which tests does he offer preparation for?
    He has helped students to prepare for the ISEE (all levels), ERB, ACT, SAT, SSAT, HSPT, and ASVAB.
  • How long does the course for the ISEE last?
    That depends somewhat on the speed at which the student is able to work and the amount of previous knowledge he or she is coming in with. Ideally, the course would begin roughly 10 weeks before the testing date, with 2 one-hour sessions occurring each week. Additionally, work would be done by the students in between sessions as well.
  • Could Mr. Watkinson work with my child during school hours?
    Absolutely. Mr. Watkinson works with several students during school hours on their school's campus. It is up to the parent to make the arrangements with the school's administration, but generally most schools tend to be amenable.
  • My child is home-schooled. Does Mr. Watkinson work with home-schooled children?
    Yes, he does. Additionally, there are several ways in which parents can receive government funding to pay for sessions!
  • What is Mr. Watkinson’s favorite color?
    That is highly personal. ...Okay, blue.
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