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About Watkinson Tutoring

Craig Watkinson

Founded in 2006, Watkinson Tutoring has been helping students to reach their full potential for nearly two decades. Specializing in supporting students with learning differences, Watkinson Tutoring works with learners of all ages and ability levels. Nearly all subjects and disciplines are covered, from kindergarten reading to high school mathematics and just about everything in between!

At Watkinson Tutoring, we believe that all students have unique strengths and challenges, and the key to maximizing their potential is holding a keen understanding of both. Having worked with hundreds of students in public schools, independent schools, and in one-on-one sessions, Craig Watkinson has learned countless ways to motivate students to do their best while helping to create a love of the learning process.

Located in Van Nuys, CA, Watkinson Tutoring offers online or on-site sessions to meet the needs of all families. Whether it’s general homework assistance, standardized test preparation, reading and writing lessons, reinforcement of math concepts, or any other needs across the educational spectrum, Watkinson Tutoring is there for you.

Craig Watkinson & Rick LaVoie
With bestselling educational author Rick Lavoie.

Experience. Commitment. Excellence. Watkinson Tutoring.

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